Tasmeem – Day 5

On our last day we sprinted to the finish line completing our projects, setting up the final display wall and cleaning up the library.

LED Hat by ____________________


Paper Corset with LEDs by _____


Hisham completed his handweaving with conductive thread and 10mm LEDs.


______ lent her talented hands for the detail work.


The Ladies created multi-LED Pillows with bright fabrics they brought from their own studios.


While Aamna, MFA student at VCU Qatar, pushed forward with programing an ATtiny45 with Arduio Uno as ISP.  I admire her dedication!


I believe she finally mastered the system during the final days of the conference.  :)


Before we knew it we were cleaned up and ready to go!


Innovation. Creation. Education.
from the eTextile and paper computing lab participants of Tasmeem Doha 2013.

Thank you Virginia Commonwealth University, Mathaf Museum, The Qatar Foundation for hosting this life changing workshop.