My PUNCHY Valentine!


Are you ready for this year’s Valentine’s Day project?

I bet you’ve been waiting all year for this PUNCHY interactive Instructable!

Beware tho – eTextile Love Hurts!
Unlike last years STABBY Valentine this time – you will have to sew with poky pricky needles.

Will you make a badge for your coat or a pillow for your love?
Maybe it becomes a handbag or a quilt?
Whatever you make please post a photo and share the eTextile Love!

Now come over here Kitty.
I’m gonna light you up!


Learn about basic electrical circuits!

Hello Kitty eTextile Circuit


Follow tips and tricks on sewing battery holders to your fabric with conductive thread.

Sewing with Conductive Thread - backstitch to hold the thread tails


And all you need is some conductive thread, LEDs and a 3V coin cell battery!

Supplies for eTextile Hello Kitty and LEDs

For more How to DIY eTextiles, soft circuits, and wearable computing please visit the eTextile Lounge youTube channel.