eTextile Supplies and Materials

You want to learn how to design, sew and solder eTextiles, soft-circuits, and wearable computing. I want to help you, but I can’t be everywhere. Fortunately, The eTextile Lounge is always open! Come on in and enjoy the tutorials, make suggestions for my next DIY videos, research conductive thread and other supplies.

Think it. Make it. Share it. All here in The eTextile Lounge!

The eTextile Lounge is run by Lynne Bruning creator of exclusive wearable art, eTextiles, and adaptive technologies. Combining her BA in neurophysiology from Smith College, Masters in Architecture from the University of Colorado, and family history in textiles, Lynne teaches and lectures nationally and internationally. From Qatar to Slovenia and California to New York, her hands-on, electronic textile workshops infect textile artists, electrical engineers, and computer hacks with the love of wearable computing, and engender community-based eTextile groups. Lynne sustains this global eTextile community by filming How To Videos, contributing to Instructables, and hosting a monthly eTextile Lounge uStream: a global hacker space. Articles and interviews appear in Surface Design Journal, Forbes, and elsewhere; exhibitions include a Motion-Activated eTextile Garden at the Denver Art Museum (2013), and featured eTextile presence at Maker Faires (2009 – 2012). Lynne’s innovative, award-winning designs will inspire and challenge you to reimagine fabric using today’s technologically complex and interactive surface designs.

Questions?  Contact: lynnebruning @gmail .com