OIDFA International Lace Congress. Ljubljana, Slovenia
“The Intersection of Traditional Craft and Technology”
25 June 2016

Arrowmont, Gatlinburg, Tennessee
“introduction to eTextiles”
2 June 2014


Visiting Lecture Series, DiMad, Madrid Spain.
“eTextile Development in Fashion and Decorative Design.”
6 November 2013

Smart Fabrics, Barcelona, Spain.
“How the DIY Movement Influences eTextile Development.”
30 October 2013

Surface Design Association in-ter-face Conference.
San Antonio, Texas
June 2013

Duncan Anderson Lecture Series, University of Californina, Long Beach, California.
2 May 2013

Ljudmila Digital Media Lab, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
“Introduction to eTextiles and Paper Computing.”
27 May 2013.

Tasmeem Doha Conference
Doha, Qatar
10 -17 March 2013

Duncan Anderson Series, University of California, Long Beach, California.
“Designing Hardware for eTextiles and Paper Computing.”
2 May 2013.

Tasmeem – Hybrid Making, Virginia Commonwealth University, Doha, Qatar.
“eTextiles, Hackerspaces and the Future of Open Source Design and Manufacturing Innovation.”
16 March 2013.


Maker Faire. San Mateo, California.
“Wearable Computing: Adaptive Technology to Blink and Bling.”
20 May 2012.


Duncan Anderson Lecture Series, University of Californina, Long Beach, California.
8 December 2011

Brain on Art, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, Colorado.
26 October 2011

National Institute of American Doll Artists, Denver Colorado.
“Inspirations in Fashion, eTextiles and Wearable Computers”
25 August 2011

Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida.
10 March 2011

CRASHspace, Los Angeles, California
“Introduction to eTextiles”
3 February 2011

Sparkfun, Boulder, Colorado.
2 day eTextile Workshop with Troy Nachtigale
15-16 January 2010.


Dorkbot at the BrainSilo, Portland, Oregon.
“intro to eTextiles”
November 2010.

Handweaver’s Guild of America – Convergence, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
“eTextile Introduction”
24 July 2010

Maker Faire CRAFT Booth, San Mateo, California
“Methods and Materials for Conductive Fabrics”
22 May 2010.


Denver Club Workshop, Denver Colorado
“Introduction to eTextiles and Soft Circuits”
5 December 2009.

Marin County Art and Garden Center, California
“Weaving Conductive Cloth Demonstration”
1 June 2009.

Maker Faire, San Mateo Expo Center, California
“Weaving Conductive Cloth Demonstration and Workshop”
30-31 May 2009.

Amazing Yarn, Emerald Hills, California
“Weaving Conductive Cloth Demonstration”
28 May 2009.

Make Denver, Denver, Colorado
“Weaving Conductive Cloth Demonstration”
23 May 2009.


Pecha Kucha, Denver Chapter
Buntport Theater, Denver, Colorado
“Methods for Weaving and Computerized Textiles: DayGlo Weave and Hippiepunk Love”
14 July 2008.

Lynne Bruning Lecture at CSULB Duncan Anderson Series