A year ago, way back in March 2012, I was testing a circuit using Arduino to program aan ATtiny45 for a dress inspired by Star Trek. Y’all remember the 3rd season “Is There in Truth no Beauty?” episode yes?

I had the circuit working and wrote the program down someplace safe because I would need to replicate it for sample dresses.  Over Thanksgiving I was testing the circuit. Of course I could not locate “someplace safe” and had to begin fresh. No Joy. I tested for days had the circuit working once, maybe twice but all other prototypes failed.

Last Friday the tempatures plumeted to below freezing. This was the moment to curl up with an electric blanket and settle in for a long winters de-bugging session.

after laying out my fresh white tablet of paper I tested all of the jumper cables

I tested the breadboard

By the way – this is also a great way to teach someone how a breadboard connections function. Set your multimeter for continuity add jumper cabled into the board and see if you can guess where the current is flowing. Its like playing Operation without the body parts.

I tested the Arduino Uno, jumper connections and my brain with the blink program

Finally I tested my own code – failed. failed. failed. failed. failed. FAILED!!

To keep motivated I played “LED blink! DRINK” with my tweeps.  I make the LED blink and they get to drink.  You should join me on twitter next time.

Finally, after three days I found the bug. Replicated the problem and the solution in both Arduion 0022 and Arduino 1.0.1. Downloaded the functioning code six time and activate all six ATtiny’s to do my bidding. Success is good – especially as I narrow in on my deadline for Tasmeem.

This time I have placed the solution someplace really safe.
For realz.