Borderless Arduino Kit Review

The 8 year old and I had the Borderless faux Arduino board working in no time – once I remembered to change the Arduino platform over to a Lenardo board setting. Its the little things that snag the system.

Boarderless faux Arduino Kit test


However there are no instructions.

No printed directions came with the kit to bring the new user to a website, help forum, or Arduino. Perhaps there is DIY information on their website, but I (just like any excited hardware recipient) went straight to designing a circuit.

Later I took some time to click thru the links on the Borderless Kit IndieGoGo page which directed me to the Boarderless home page. Then the user is directed to Tutorials & Lessons, but its not something I would recommend to a novice.

The LEDs have colored lens caps so you can connect them in one circuit and all the colors would illuminate.  Fun, but deceptive for a novice.

The big problem was the breadboard.  No power rails.
This makes for pesky circuit making and does not teach the novice how a ‘standard’ breadboard functions.

Boarderless faux Arduino Kit test

All in all its a great price, $9 plus shipping. Harold Timmis created a worthy and community desired kit of parts. If he offers this again I will purchase some for my upcoming classes at Arrowmont.

Boarderless Electronics faux Arduinio Leanardo Board Kit