PIF Camp!

PIF Camp 3-9 August 2015
Trenta Valley Slovenia
Using traditional crafting techniques of embroidery, lace making, and sewing, we will adapt conductive fabrics, threads, and paints to transform electronic hardware into soft circuits and eTextiles. During PIF Camp we will collaborate with the other nodes to replicate their computer circuitry into functional electronic textiles and thru this process gain a greater understanding of how electronic hardware is manufactured and how to manipulate these systems into eTextiles. By exploring alternative methods of manufacturing sensors and PCBs we hope to introduce additional tools to PIF Camp’s varied electronic systems and expand our electronic component materials and methods.
eTextile Speaker
eTextile Speaker with Amber Strand 166 AG on 11 count white Aida Cloth
Leaf Speaker
Conductive Thread Speaker Coil Sewn into a Plant Leaf
Pressure Sensor
Pressure Sensor made from conductive fabric and Velostat
Sewing electronic traces with stainless steel thread
Couching 6 ply stainless steel conductive thread
Handcrafted Conductive Fabric with French Knots
Conductive Thread French Knots on White Silk Organza
Exploring the intersection of nature and electronics
Dried Flowers with LEDs for Bouquets and Center Pieces
eTextile Breadboard
Embroidery LED CIrcuit - Fade One LED with ATtiny45 on eTextile Breadboard Kit from Numen Trace